TAMILNADU – A celebration of art and traditions

TAMILNADU – A celebration of art and traditions

Vanakkam to Tamilnadu – a land known for its culture, hospitality and architecture. Tamilnadu means the ‘land of Thamizh’, one of the oldest surviving languages in the world. A melange of art forms and customs, Tamil culture is one that celebrates its heritage, art and rituals. There are over 30,000 temples spread across the state, some even belonging to the 7th century. A unique blend of modern and traditional lifestyles can be seen everywhere, from architecture, entertainment and food to even musical choices. With a rich cultural background, cordial people and diverse landscapes, Tamil Nadu has a lot to offer a traveller.

Being our home state, Wandermile offers a variety of activities in Tamil Nadu, from temple tours and cultural trails to beach camps and weekend treks.

Walk with us through the city of Chennai, where colonial monuments and ancient temples with their adjoining agraharams are juxtaposed with the busy, sprawling city. Begin the day with some piping hot idlis and end it with the delicious Thalapakkatti biryani. Take a trip to the glorious past of Chola, Chera Pandya empire by visiting the thousand-year-old temples of Tanjore and Madurai, erected by the ancient kings. These shrines are indeed architectural marvels, with their ornate gopurams (towers) and pillars narrating the story of a bygone era.

Tamil-Nadu also boasts the second longest coastline in India, providing opportunities for multiple beach activities. With our beach camps, explore the eerie ghost town of Dhanushkodi and camp on the sandy beaches of Rameshwaram, where the legend of Ramayana still lingers in the air. If you feel adventurous, join us for a surfing camp in Covelong point, after which you can take a road trip through the scenic East-Coast road to visit the Pallava temples of Mahabalipuram.

Exploring uncharted areas being our forte, we offer weekend treks to Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Valparai and Kotagiri, along with some lesser known areas in South Tamilnadu. As with every other trek we do, these are offbeat treks where you hike through forest trails, set up camps on a mountain top or near a waterfall and wake up to the euphony of nature. You get to be in unison with your inner self and unwind in a pristine backdrop, away from urbane life.