Chennai is a city, but Madras is an emotion. This is the common saying amongst people in Chennai. Fair enough, since the freshly named ‘Chennai’ is less than two decades old, as compared to Madras which has been in existence for more than 378 years now.

From being the hot port for trade since the 7th century CE to being host for hordes of European companies, from the sliver of land around Fort St. George that expanded to become the capital of the erstwhile Madras Presidency, to the first modern city of the Indian subcontinent, the rechristening to ‘Chennai’ in 1996 did little to change the flavour and feel of one of South India’s most celebrated cities.

If you are new to this beautiful city and would like to experience the rich mix of culture, tradition, modernity, art and activities that this city has to offer, join us on one of the city tours!

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