Want to go on a quick detox and connect with the outdoors? Camping with Wandermile is the best option for you to get out of your mundane routine and get some fresh air! Choose from various options such as beach camping, mountain camping, farm camping, island camping, weekday camping etc.

Camping at Wandermile gives you a rustic experience of staying outdoors, pitching your own tents, cooking your own barbeque dinner, gazing at the stars, singing and jamming till you’re tired, a midnight dip in the sea or a pool, a midnight hike to a nearby mountain, a natural massage below a waterfall and many such crazy things.

Wake up in the morning to the sound of waves or the chirping birds and to the beautiful sunrise over the beach or behind the mountain. Do some yoga on the beach or hike to the mountain top, take a dip in the sea or get drenched in the clear waters of the mountain stream. Experience bliss!

Come sign up for the next camping with family/friends and get refreshed and take a quick break from your boring routine!

Coming with a group? We can customize the camping for your group of more than 8.

So now this a great way for you to get together with your old pals!

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