Rustic Vietnam

Through a Unique Trail

Join us as we take you on a trip that encapsulates the best of North Vietnam. Get ready to wander and travel in a way that will make you realize how amazing the world around is! This trip involves a lot of offbeat destinations, staying with locals, traveling by buses, cruise ships, cycles, motorbike and a lot of walking. Be ready for an experience of a lifetime as we trek to some beautiful waterfalls, jumping in, splashing around, eating some delectable Vietnamese food, interacting with locals without understanding a word of what they’re saying, but still making a connection, driving through some of the most serene landscapes, walking through humongous caves, learning about the people’s love for their erstwhile leader Ho Chi Minh, dancing on the streets of Old Quarter and making ever lasting memories!

Oct 5th - 13th

  • A culture and history tour around the city of Hanoi
  • A night out at the famous Old quarter in Hanoi
  • A delectable food walk through the streets of Hanoi
  • Ba Be Lake, Bamboo rafting, Puong Cave
  • Ban Gioc Waterfall (tallest waterfall in Vietnam)
  • Ma Pi Leng Pass and Bao Lac Market
  • Ninh Binh – boating through Tam Coc
  • Party Cruise on Halong Bay

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