Theyyam in Malabar

An Exclusive Photo Tour

Experiences create wonderful memories! And when the experience is unique and offbeat, the memory lasts a lifetime! Wandermile presents a trip to Malabar to experience one of the most unique and sacred rituals of the region, Theyyam!
Theyyam is a very rare ritualistic art form native to North Kerala that involves extensive make up, motifs, elaborate accessories and mind-numbing rituals that range from silence to screams, from jumping into fire mounds to running around the temple deity and various other unique things that are better experienced than spoken about!
On this trip we will take you to a remote Kaavu (temple) in the Kannur district, in the heart of Malabar,where you’ll get an opportunity to photograph and document the Theyyam festival.

Feb 23th - 24th

  • Get to the heart of Malabar to capture the magnificence of Theyyam in its traditional setting
  • Experience the making of the elaborate costumes and the pre rituals
  • Experience and capture the unique theyyam right from it’s beginning till the end
  • Additional experience of staying awake in a village all night for the rituals.

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