Paddle and Camp

An offbeat Kayaking Experience

You might have done a trekking expedition before ending in a tented camp.
You might have walked all day to arrive at a camp.
You might have even cycled 10s of Kms before camping somewhere.
But have you ever kayaked through a picturesque river to end up in a beautiful, river side village camp? How's that for an offbeat weekend trip?

Sep 27- 28

Join Wandermile as we take you on a truly offbeat adventure tracing a river from where it meets the sea, upstream to a beautiful village and a check dam.

On this unique adventure trip, we will paddle our kayaks from near the Arabian Sea to the start of western ghats. We will start the trip at Kolchi Kambla, a small fishing hamlet near Mulki and trace the river till the palimar dam. After reaching the Palimar dam we anchor our kayaks and walk to the other side of the dam. Experience the change in density of the water as you make your way from Salty Sea water to the fresh river water.