Holi in Vrindavan

A Colorful Cultural Fiesta

Wandermile presents an experiential photography trip to Agra, Mathura and Vrindhavan to capture the colors of Holi this February. Experience the festival of colors in its most vibrant form at the very place where it all began back in the years! Holi is not just about colors. There are a lot of rituals and traditions associated with the festival and we will explore many of them in this trip as we walk the streets of Mathura and Vrindhavan with our local guides. We will also have a photography mentor to help you click the right picture!

Mar 15-18

  • Visit important places in Mathura and Vrindavan and explore the locale
  • Experience the Lath Mar Holi (where the ladies hit the men with lathi) near Barsana
  • Experience the celebration of the festival of colors in Nandagaon village
  • Experience a holi of flowers in the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindhavan
  • Experience the Yamuna aarthi by the ghat in Mathura and celebrate holi in local style

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