Chennai Heritage Photo Walk

Itinerary for the Walk

Through this photo walk, you get to capture vivid emotions of people, mesmerizing architecture of the ancient temples, hues of the morning flowers, food and much more.

3 hours

During this Photo Walk, we take you on an immersive cultural experience through Mylapore, the cultural hot spot of Chennai steeped in history. The experience will be centered around the magnificent Kapaleeswarar temple, whose history goes back to Roman times  when it used to trade pepper and fine cloth with Rome for Gold! It was occupied by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later fell into the hands of the British till India’s independence in 1947.

We start the walk at the magnificent Kapaleeshwar temple. Built in the 7th century this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built in Dravidian style architecture it has a towering “Gopuram”. There will be photography mentor who will give you an introduction to street photography and guide you through the streets where you will find many different subjects to shoot and create that perfect street photo!

Type of tour: Food and Heritage walk
Duration of the Tour: 3 hours
Suitable Time: Morning

Join us as we take you on a heritage walk to discover the unique flavors that makes Chennai the dear city that it is. On this photo tour, the photo mentor will take you on a trip down the mada streets of the famed Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore. Below is a brief itinerary of the Photo tour

5.45 AM – Assemble near the Mylapore Tank Bus stop
6 AM – Start the walk towards the temple through the Mada street. Be mesmerized at the sheer energy of the place, buzzing with people, newspaper stalls, florists with gleaming faces and restaurants opening up. Experience a myriad of hues and be baffled by the sheer variety of emotions around. This is the best place for street photography.
Around 6.45 AM you will enter the Kapaleeshwarar temple. The mentor will explain the history of the magnificent temple, enthralling you with some stories and folklore connected with the various deities. Revel in the energy of the temple as you go around the corridor and head to the huge pond with the Teppam.
Lot of opportunities for photography here with the Colorful Gopurams highlighted by the Sun’s first rays.
After 8 AM walk to the famous Mylai Karpagambal mess for breakfast. This is an iconic restaurant in the area which serves the most tasty South Indian fare. Indulge in some Idly, Dosas, Vada and end with filter coffee.
Post breakfast the tour ends with a short discussion with the mentor and Q&A, if any.


  • An experienced photography mentor cum guide to lead the tour and give you better insights into the ancient history of the place and also to guide on street photography.
  • Breakfast at Mylai Karpagambal Mess with filter coffee

Apart from Mylapore, we also organize walks in other parts of the city like George town, Santhome, Triplicane and Mount Road.

Duration of the Walk: 3 hours (5.45 am to 8.45 AM)
Minimum number required for a group: 8 people

Cost: Rs. 800 per head

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